Getty contre Google europe

par Ametjp  -  27 Avril 2016, 16:56

Getty mène campagne contre le piratage des photos et intente une action en justice contre Google en Europe

Today, we have filed a competition law complaint against search engine Google Inc. in the European Union.

As Yoko Miyashita, our General Counsel, explains:

“Our complaint focuses specifically on Google Images, which has impacted the competitiveness of our business by siphoning off traffic and promoting piracy - to the detriment of the 200,000 contributors who rely on us to earn a living. On a broader scale, this has impacted the interests of content creators around the world, allowing Google not only to profit from their work, but also to reinforce its role as the internet’s dominant search engine and thus maintain its monopoly power.”

No one is more affected by Google’s actions than you. We invite you to engage local regulators to help put a stop to the anti-competitive scraping of your content. Getty Images will supply additional resources to support you to do so in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we encourage you to visit our new public Advocacy page where you can:
Read our open letter from Yoko Miyashita, General Counsel,
Read our press release
Share the video explaining why we are against right click piracy
Copyright is the lifeblood of our industry. Without its legal protection and a broad social understanding of intellectual property none of us have a viable business. That’s why we take the attribution of your imagery so seriously.

That’s why, when a company as big as Google creates a platform that allows the public to believe your work is free to use, we must all take a stand.

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